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This is an overview of the Degu Base Unit, starter kits and services.

Degu related products can be purchased from the companies and online stores listed in "Purchase Locations".

Degu Starter Kits

Kits for developing IoT systems with Degu.

The content of the Degu Sensor Starter Pack and the Degu IoT Total Pack may vary depending on the sales outlet. For confirmation please contact the point of purchase.

Degu IoT Total Pack

For evaluation and development

This pack combines a Degu Base Unit, Grove Starter Kit for Degu and Degu Gateway. From Thread networking with sensors to connecting to the cloud, this contains everything needed for evaluation.

Degu Sensor Starter Pack

For evaluation and development

This is a combination of a Degu Base Unit and Grove Starter Kit for Degu. This pack is a good way to start sensor evaluation at an affordable price.

Degu Gateway G3 Development Set

For evaluation and development
Made by Atmark Techno
Model number: AGX3142-D10Z

A gateway based on the Armadillo-IoT Gateway G3 with Thread networking support. It includes necessities such as an AC adapter and USB cable.

Degu Base Unit

For evaluation and development
Made by Seeed (developed in cooperation with Atmark Techno)

This is a set containing a board equipped with the Grove system base shield together with a case.

No Grove modules are included.

Grove Starter Kit for Degu

For evaluation and development
Made by Seeed

This kit contains Grove modules perfect for evaluation with Degu together with cables that connect to the base unit.
Included modules are: Light Sensor v1.2, Barometer Sensor, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer, Screw Terminal, Relay, Buzzer.

Grove Modules

Sensors and actuators are available from Seeed's distributors.

Degu Gateway

The mass production model of the Degu Gateway.

Degu Gateway G3 Mass Production Model

For mass production
Made by Atmark Techno
Model number: AGX3142-S10Z

The Degu Gateway G3 has passed environmental tests and can be used safely in industrial applications. As it is the same unit as included in the development set, it's possible for work from prototyping to be used as-is for mass production.

An AC adapter and so on are not included. Please get in touch for more details.


Degu Mass Production Design Service

This is a mass production design service for Degu sensors. Boards are redesigned based on the results of your evaluation work. Small cases are also supported.

Contact: Core Staff

Toppan Secure Activate Service

This service enables secure communication to IoT devices and the cloud through management of the network transfer and factory writing of encryption keys and certificates.

Contact: Toppan Printing

AWS IoT Development Support

This is a support service for the construction of cloud systems that use the AWS IoT collection of fully managed IoT services.

Contact: Classmethod

Mass Production Service

Use the Degu Mass Production Design Service when you want to easily mass produce prototyped IoT devices. We can look after everything from redesigning the board to fit a case of your selection through to mass production. Design and production is done by Seeed via Core Staff.

About the Degu Mass Production Design Service

We can look after the redesign and mass production of the configuration you create with Degu sensors.

  • Selection of Grove modules... mounted internally, cables connected etc
  • Selection of power source... battery / AC adapter selected, connector forms etc
  • Selection of case
  • Specification of connector layout
  • Specification of image data to write... your code written to the Degu sensor units

MOQ - 100 units

Price - Initial setup cost from 1.2 million JPY

A unique shared fee approach is used to allow mass production with an affordable initial setup cost

Once we have delivered an order to a customer, we then package that design as an end product and sell that via Core Staff's online shop. By taking a design and then making it open and sharing it, we're aiming to expand the lineup of easy to use Degu sensors and help grow IoT overall. Allowing this resale gives the customer the benefit of a more affordable initial setup cost. For those not wishing to allow the resale of the design, there is the optional service of purchasing the design data.

For more information on using the Degu Mass Production Design Service, please get in touch with Core Staff.


Degu Gateway Mass Production

The mass production model of the Degu Gateway is available from Armadillo distributors.
We also offer consultation on semi-customization of the hardware configuration.


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Corestaff Co., Ltd CoreStaff ONLINE Available
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